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Oregon’s Largest School Bus Fleet

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Portland Public Schools

Over 900 Oregon school buses are running on propane, saving costs on fluids, filters, fuel, and repairs while keeping students safe.

Portland Public Schools transports almost 12,000 students twice-a-day every year. 

For nearly 40 years, Portland Public Schools has been running their buses on propane. In 1983, Portland Public Schools experimented by converting three of their buses to run on propane.

Portland quickly realized that propane buses were more cost efficient, green friendly and required less maintenance. They decided to convert their entire fleet to run on propane. Portland Public Schools now runs almost 200 buses in its propane fleet, making up 94 percent of their district’s total fleet. 

"Using propane-powered buses keeps our fuel costs down and reduces our overall emissions. It really is a no brainer."

Running on propane meets the mandate by the state of Oregon to move more of its vehicles to alternative fuels. 

“This program has been a tremendous success. Residents of our city have a keen interest in the environment. Propane is proven to be an exceptional fuel choice – both economically and environmentally” said Bryan Winchester, Portland Public Schools Assistant Director of Transportation.

You too can save on buying new propane vehicles or converting your existing fleet to propane with the $1,500 rebate from the Pacific Propane Gas Association. Go to to learn more.

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