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Oregon Public Transportation Runs on Clean and Economical Propane

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Willamette Valley Transport is an early adopter of propane fueled vehicles. In 2012, WVT took steps to reduce their carbon foot print by converting their paratransit vans to run on a bi-fuel system (gasoline and propane). WVT is a transportation service offered to the physically and developmentally disabled communities of Portland, Salem, and Eugene, OR.

WVT has easy access to propane daily, with an on-site refueling station located at their Salem facility.

With the on-site propane pump, WVT has saved an average of $60,000 in fuel costs per year.

Tim McClain, founder of WVT is happy with his decision to convert to propane and has been continuing to convert his vans to run on a bi-fuel system. “Not only is propane more environmentally conscious, but it is also more cost efficient,” says McClain.

Switching to propane has cut WVT’s fuel savings close to 50 percent. WVT’s vans each drive approximately 100 to 200 miles per day. The propane conversion system has been able to pay for itself within one year. 

You too can save on buying new propane vehicles or converting your existing fleet to propane with the $1,500 rebate from the Pacific Propane Gas Association. Go to to learn more.

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