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Kitsap’s Green Propane Fleet

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Kitsap Transit is continuing their innovations in the mission of responsible service to its riders, employees, and the environment through its continued efforts as a green company.

Kitsap Transit has been at the forefront of positive change since 2015 – when it first began to switch out older diesel fleet vehicles for newer propane and electric ones; bringing the current total of propane vehicles to 35, with four support vehicles.

Transit organizations often find themselves as innovators in the growing propane market because so much of their business model depends on fuel efficiency, reliability, rider experience, and responsible levels of emissions. Kitsap Transit is no different, boasting an impressive 375.5 metric ton reduction of CO2 emissions since 2013 – nearly 5% overall – thanks in large part to propane vehicles leading the alternative fleet. Propane cuts down between 30-40% of the harmful particulates in emissions, which leads to cleaner air and an overall healthier environment compared to diesel.

Cost reduction is also no secret among the companies innovating the propane change, as the cleaner burning of propane autogas drives down maintenance cost, and is a significantly cheaper per-gallon alternative to gasoline. Additionally, many businesses using propane are eligible for rebates, which can assist in further diminishing the cost of yearly operations; and are especially useful when financing new investments in vehicles running on alternative fuels like propane. These collectively influence an increasing number of businesses to test out the propane-model, and switch to it once they are able t fully realize the benefits.

The Pacific Propane Gas Association and VW Settlement makes your fleet conversion easy and efficient. The PPGA offers $1,500 rebate and the VW Settlement is offering millions of dollars. Go to: to learn more.

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